11 years ago
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Very easy.  G-900-2 Gateways have 32 MB of built in data logging memory and G-3 gateways have close to 4 GB of memory.  Their default behavior when no internet connection is available is to log data to memory.  Place gateway at the job site with power and no internet connection.  Collect data for xx days, weeks, years etc.  Connect gateway to internet and your data will be transferred to our server.  

The G-900-2 gateway’s memory holds at least 63488 readings.  In some cases it holds more.  Calculate how many days of storage you have based on the sensor reading interval and number of sensors.  When memory is full it overwrites oldest data first.

When data is uploading it uploads oldest readings first so if you are refreshing the sensor web page while uploading you’ll see the last activity date creeping forward in time until all data is uploaded.  Note that sensors status will remain “I” until the readings that are coming in were taken in the last 24 hours.