Wireless Gateways

The wireless gateway sends sensor data over the internet to our server where subscribers can log in and view their current and historical data.  A gateway can connect to the internet through built in cellular, WiFi or Ethernet connection.  For our US customers OmniSense has partnered with Verizon Wireless and uses LTE Cat-M1 technology for up to 7x the wireless range of LTE.  For our international customers we offer either 3G GSM, LTE Cat-M1, or LTE Cat-NB1 (aka NB-Iot or LTE Cat-M1) cellular modems.  Worldwide coverage maps for LTE Cat-M1 and NB-Iot can be found here.  An account on the OmniSense monitoring web site is required.  Gateways will log 256,000+ sensor readings for future uploadinng to our server if an internet connection is not available or the internet connection is interrupted.  All of our gateways support a direct wireless link to Dri-Eaz "i-series" or their newest "Command Hub" enabled dehumidifiers such that the dehumidifier shows up as a sensor on the OmniSense monitoring web site.

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DISCONTINUED BUT STILL 100% SUPPORTED - G-3 Wireless Gateway with Cellular(optional), WiFi and Ethernet

OmniSense G-3 Gateway Product Family with Ethernet, WiFi and optional Cellular internet connection
From $209.95

DISCONTINUED BUT STILL 100% SUPPORTED - G-900-2 datalogging gateway with 32 MB FLASH memory

OmniSense Datalogging Gateway G-900-2 Product Family
From $192.86