11 years ago
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By changing the network address to a “private” network address for the group of sensors you which to isolate.  Follow these instructions:

1.  Isolate a G-3 gateway and the sensors you want to talk to that gateway such that NO OTHER SENSORS ARE WITHIN 1000 Feet or 300 Meters.  The following steps will affect ANY and ALL sensors that the gateway is able to communicate with so it its CRITICAL you properly isolate the gateway from sensors you do NOT want to change.
2.  Login to the G-3 gateway management web page
3.  Navigate to "OmniSense" then "Settings" page
4. check the "Perform Network ID Migration" box
5. Enter a "Migrate Network ID".  This will be the new network address that will be used by these sensors.  We suggest using the gateway ID as the "Migrate Network ID" to ensure uniqueness.  If you foolishly decide not to follow this advice and instead use your own valid hexadecimal network ID write it down!
6. Click "Save & Apply"
7.  Wait for at least 2 x the maximum sensor reading interval.  For example, if your slowest sensor is set to read every 60 minutes then wait at least 120 minutes.
8. On the OmniSense Settings page change the network ID to the ID used in step 5 and click "Save & apply"
9. Check the web site and verify the sensors are online using the new network ID.