3 years ago
#160 Quote
Sensors are automatically added to any site that they send data to.  The way this happens is you assign a gateway to a site and if a sensor sends data to that gateway then the sensor will automatically show up in your list of sensors for that site.  What that means is if you delete a sensors it will keep coming back if the sensor is still powered on and within range of a gateway that belongs to that site.  Your options are:

1 - Disable the sensor by clicking on the description and then clicking "Disable" button
2 - Remove the battery from the sensor and then delete it
3 - move the sensor at least 1000 ft/333m from the gateway(s) that are assigned to that site and then delete the sensor

Note that when any of the "show" filters are selected on the sensors page then the "delete" button will not be shown.  You must click on Show "All" in order to see the delete button.