7 years ago
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OmniSense's international customers may pay invoices using wire transfers.  All OmniSense invoices include our bank routing information and wire transfer instructions.  

Please note that most international wire transfers use an "intermediary bank" and that the "intermediary bank" charges a "cable fee" which is deducted from the amount transferred.  This "cable fee" does not appear on either the sender's or the recipient's bank statement.  In other words, there is no record of the cable fee.  The fee varies but is typically USD $10-$20.  It is the responsibility of the payer to pay the "cable fee".  

When we receive a wire transfer from a customer we credit the amount we receive to the customer's account.  The amount credited is often between USD $10 and $20 LESS than what was wired because of the cable fee.  We therefor recommend that you add the expected cable fee to your wire transfer amount in order to ensure that the amount we receive is sufficient to pay the amount of your invoice.  If you add an amount to your payment that exceeds the cable fee the difference will remain as a credit on your account and applied to your next invoice.

If you would like to avoid paying the wire transfer fees and cable fees we recommend you switch your account to one of the plans that automatically charges your credit card.

You can view and update your payment plan by logging in to your account, then click on "My Account" then click on "Edit Billing Information".