10 years ago
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For the G-3 and G-4 gateways if the "Internet" LED is on solid its online.

For an older a G-900-2-xx model gateway, if the gateway is online the "Status" LED will be on solid.  

You can check on the web site by looking at the gateways page.  From the job sites page, click on the "gateways" link.  If its online it will show the status as "ONLINE" in green, or if its offline it will show "OFFLINE" in red.   Note that the gateway can be online even if no sensors are nearby.  The "Last Activity Date" is the last time the gateway was online.

If your gateway is offline you should check the following:
  1 - Make sure it has power
  2 - if its using cellular to connect to the internet make sure its located to maximize cellular signal strength.  Usually that's near a window on a higher floor of a building.  By contrast, a poor location would be on the first floor of a building or worse yet in a below grade basement.  When it comes to getting a good signal, concrete and earth are not your friends.
  3 - if it is using a LAN connection (ie ethernet cable) check with your IT network gurus to make sure the LAN port is active (the WAN/LAN LED on the gateway should be lit and blinking if it is) and make sure the network is allowing access to the internet.
  4 - If it is using WiFi make sure the WiFi AP settings (ie SSID and password) are correct and have not been changed.

If you have completed these steps and the gateway is still offline contact us for support.