5 months ago
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There are times when you will want to use a remote cabled antenna with a gateway.  These include:
- Monitoring sensors in a kiln
- Monitoring sensors located "below grade", ie underground in a basement
Both of these examples have one thing in common which is that the ideal gateway location will block wireless signals.  The gateway needs to communicate wirelessly with sensors and it often (but not always) needs to communicate wirelessly with the cellular network.  If you have sensors in a metal box (ie a kiln) then you will need to locate the gateway inside the kiln for best wireless performance when communicating with sensors.  But if you do that then the gateway's cellular wireless connection will have a poor signal.  The solution?  Locate the gateway outside the kiln and use a cable such as this one to connect the gateway to a antenna inside the kiln.  You can use the supplied sensor antenna or any 902-928 MHz ISM band antenna can be used.