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Status LEDs and Their Meaning
The G-3/4/7 has useful status LEDs
 POWER - when on indicates power is ON
 CELLULAR - FLASHES when receiving a cellular signal.
Flash rate varies to indicate signal strength. Faster is
better signal, slower is worse signal.
 WiFi - ON when WiFi is enabled, blinks to indicate data
activity.  WILL NOT TELL YOU IF ITS CONNECTED TO A WIFI AP!  Rely on the Internet LED for this.
 WAN/LAN - ON when Ethernet is enabled, blinks to
indicate data activity
 INTERNET - When FLASHING indicates gateway is
powering up. When ON indicates the G-3/4/7 has a
working internet connection. When OFF the G-3/4/7 does
NOT have a working internet connection. If its NOT ON
the gateway is NOT ONLINE.