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The S-25 functions as a "acceleration peak hold" sensor capturing peak X, Y and Z acceleration during the sample interval.  This allows the user to establish a "normal baseline" and receive alarm emails when vibration exceeds the user defined alarm thresholds.  Typical sample interval is 60 seconds and can be changed "over the air" while the sensor is online.

The S-25 has a range of ± 2g.  The accelerometer is mounted upside down internal to the S-25 such that when mounted to a flat surface it will read approximately -1.4g in the Z direction and close to 0 in the X and Y directions.  If you were to flip it over it will read +1g in the Z direction and continue to read close to 0 in the X and Y directions..  The S-25 is not calibrated for zero or offset errors because it is intended to be used to capture unusual or new sources of vibration introduced by construction activity.  After installing the sensor observe "normal" peak G values when there is no construction activity to establish the "normal baseline" and then set alarm thresholds for each of the X, Y, and Z values at the "normal baseline" +/- your desired alarm limits.