5 years ago
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This applies to G-3 and later series gateways.  Note that failure to follow these instructions may render your gateway inaccessible.  If that happens hold down the reset button until all LEDs go on and then the gateway to reboot with default settings.

1. Connect the gateway to your computer by wired ethernet or WiFi
2. Connect to the gateways web GUI at (wired ethernet) or (wifi)
3. Login using the gateway ID as the password
4. Click Network->Interfaces
5. The LAN_DHCP interface is configured as a DHCP client.  We will now edit it to change it to us a static IP.
6. Click "Edit" for the LAN_DHCP interface
7. change the protocol to "Static Address" and then click "Switch Protocol"
8. Configure the Static IP settings as desired.  DO NOT CLICK "setup DHCP Server".
9. Change Firewall Settings (optional) - By default the LAN_DHCP interface uses the "green" firewall zone which has weak security.  If you plan to connect to a public network you must change the firewall to the "red" zone which by default accepts no inbound connection requests.  Click "firewall" then click "Wan:".
10.  Click "Save and Apply".

The gateway will now use the static IP you configured and will not request a DHCP address.  It will still be a DHCP server for the 10.168.1.x subnet IF no other DHCP servers are detected on the network.