4 years ago
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Ultrasonic Flow Meters require careful setup.  If your meter is not reading as expected good chance its a configuration error or the transducers are not optimally "tuned".

Check everything in the following order:
1.  Verify transducers are coupled to clean unpainted pipe using a ultrasonic coupling agent (silicon grease works well)
2.  Verify transducers are exactly in line with each other
3.  Verify pipe dimensions are correct (M10-M14)
4.  Verify transducer spacing (M25)
5.  Verify transducer mounting is “V Method” (M24)
6.  Mount on vertical pipe if possible to eliminate chance of debri or air bubbles in signal path
7.  Verify transducer type is TM-1 clamp on (M23)
8.  Redo Zero offset calibration (M42) with NO flow in pipe.  Note that when doing zero cal the signal strength is shown and zero cal will fail if signal strength is not sufficient
9.  Verify low flow cutoff is 0.01 ft/s (M41)
10.   Pipe size should be 3” or greater
11.   Do not mount transducers near sources of vibration, pumps etc.
12.  Use only hose/worm gear clamps are used (no wire ties) and make sure they are tight
13.  Verify signal strength (M90) is above 50, the higher the better
14.  Always save settings changes using M26 and go back and review settings are still correct after saving
15.  Ultrasonic transducers will now work over insulation