7 years ago
#138 Quote
1) Make sure your gateway is online
2) Make sure sensors are in wireless range of a gateway.  How far is that?  The answer is it depends on many variables but mainly building construction.  Could be as low as 100 feet (33m) in buildings with closely spaced concrete block walls or as high as 1000 feet (333m) in buildings with no walls.  Typical is 300 ft (100m).
3) make sure the gateway's sensor antenna in installed and screwed on finger tight
4) make sure the gateway is not located near metal, concrete, or high voltage AC conduits, transformers etc.
4) make sure the sensor has a good battery and its installed correctly.  The ONLY useful battery test is to measure the batteries ability to source current.  Using a amp meter measure the battery, it must deliver at least 100 mA (0.1 Amp).  If a battery has been installed backwards it will be fully discharged in about 60 seconds meaning it should be replaced.
5) inspect the sensor for damage, especially water damage.  Only our S-2 sensor has a conformally coated circuit board and can survive direct exposure to liquid water.  All other sensors will be damaged if exposed to liquid water.