9 years ago
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We advise against disabling the Gateway's DHCP server.  If disabled you will NOT be able to connect to the gateway by wired Ethernet UNLESS you set a static IP in the same 10.168.1.x subnet that the gateway uses on its LAN/WAN interface.  Note that by design the DHCP server first does a DHCP request on the network its attached to and if it gets a response its smart enough to say “hey , there’s already a DHCP server on this network so I will disable mine” so in theory you should not need to disable the DHCP server.  I say in theory as there have been reports of the server not deactivating itself when it should, hence this "how to" for disabling it.

To disable the DHCP server on the G-3 gateway:
1.  Plug it into your laptop by direct Ethernet connection
2.  Direct your web browser to its web interface at
1.  Connect by WiFi to OmniSense SSID with laptop, tablet, phone etc
2.  Direct your web browser to
3.  Login using the default username of root and default password taken from the bottom label
4.  Navigate to “Network” then “Interfaces” then click on “Edit” for the “LAN_STATIC” interface
5.  Go to “Advanced Settings” and under “DHCP Server” check the “disable DHCP for this interface” box
6.  Click “Save & Apply”

Note that you'll need to set a static IP in the 10.168.1.x subnet on your laptop the next time you need to connect to the G-3 on the WAN/LAN interface, or you can also connect by WiFi which does have a DHCP server running so no static IP will be needed on your laptop.