S-28 Wireless Cold Junction Compensated K Thermocouple

S-28 Wireless Cold Junction Compensated K Thermocouple, 0˚C-1023.75˚C range

This sensor has the following key features:

  • Cold junction compensated type K thermocouple
  • Measures temperature from 0˚C-1023.75˚C with 0.25˚C resolution and +/-2.0˚C accuracy over a range of 0˚C-700˚C
  • The sensor operates from a long life Lithium battery with a typical battery life of 15+ years.
  • Wireless and compatible with all OmniSense and GE HygroTrac gateways
  • 14.5"/37cm lead length
  • 8mm threaded bulkhead connection

Comes With:

  • ER14505 3.6V Lithium Thionyl Chloride Battery
  • Type K Thermocouople