one year ago
#187 Quote
1.  Connect gateway to LAN with a Ethernet cable and verify the "WAN/LAN" LED is on and/or blinking
a.  If WAN/LAN LED is not lit then your cable is bad or the Ethernet port you connected to is dead.  
2.  The "Internet " LED will go on and stay on indicating a successful  connection to the OmniSense server.
a.  If the "Internet" LED does not go on solid then possible causes are
i.  The network you have connected to has a firewall, "click I agree" wall, or some other "wall".  Contact the network administrator to be granted access
ii.  The network you connected to has no path to the internet
iii.  The gateway was dropped and a USB connection internal to the gateway has been shocked loose.  Open the gateway and inspect all connections.
iv.  The gateway's FLASH file system is damaged by a power spike and needs to be rebuilt, contact us for this service