5 years ago
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Yes.  All cell phone carriers have a "email to text" service.  For example, to use email to send a text message to a Verizon cell phone number you would send the email to <phone_number>@vtext.com.  A comprehensive list of cellular carriers' email to text addresses can be found here.  

Alarm emails for a specific job site are sent to the email addresses configured in the "Edit Job Site" page.  The OmniSense "Edit Job Site" settings page has a special field for entering these text email addresses.  Click on "Jobs Sites" then "Edit" for the job site in question and then use the "Alarm Notification Text Message E-Mail:" field.  Job Site alert messages sent to email(s) in this field are deliberately shortened to make them more "text friendly".  You can use these text to email addresses for any and all email fields in the OmniSense system but be aware that some messages may exceed the maximum length of your cellular carrier.

You can also add "threshold specific" alarm email addresses, ie each alarm threshold rule you create can have its own list of email addresses that will be notified when that specific alarm rule generates an alarm.  When you create or edit an alarm threshold there is a field where you can optionally add email addresses that will be notified when that alarm threshold triggers an alert.  Note that these email addresses are optional and by default ALL alarm emails will go to the job site's alarm notification email address(es).

As with ALL email address fields in the OmniSense system you can have multiple email addresses separated by a comma or semi-colon.