7 years ago
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The system is (hopefully!) pretty simple:
1. Create a monitoring account at https://www.omnisense.com/user_create.asp
2. During account creation a new "Job site" will be created and you will be prompted for a "gateway ID" to add to the job site.  The gateway ID is on the label on the bottom of your gateway.  Once you add the gateway to the job site any sensor data received by that gateway becomes part of that job site's data set.
3. Plug your gateway in to power and internet.  
4. Log in to your monitoring account (the one you created in step 1) to view real time sensor data.

Job sites typically correspond to a project or a building or even a group of buildings.  A job site can have unlimited gateways assigned to it and a gateway can talk to unlimited sensors.  You can have unlimited job sites on your account but beware some billing plans will charge monthly per active job site.  There is no "pairing" process required between sensors and gateways.  Any sensor will talk to any gateway provided they are configured with a common "Network ID" which they will be as shipped to you.