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G-900-1 - Debugging Internet Connection

9 years ago
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In order of priority:

1 - LAN Link LED should be on solid or blinking indicating a working Ethernet connection.  If its not on then either your Ethernet cable is bad or your switch or router the gateway is connecting to has a dead port.

2 - Status LED should be on solid indicating gateway is talking to our server.  If its not then then the network you are connected to is not allowing the gateway to access the internet.  If your network has a restrictive firewall or proxy server you will need to allow port  80 (the HTTP port) connections to OR if you are a GE HygroTrac user then  If you modified the gateway's network configuration setting (i.e. set a static IP) the you should double check your static IP settings are valid.

3 - Status LED is on solid but I do not see my gateway as "ONLINE".  If you have a proxy server then likely the proxy server is not properly configured.  See this topic for how to configure your gateway for a proxy server.  If you do not have a proxy server then double check the gateway ID you entered on the web site matches the label on the bottom of the gateway.  

4 - Status LED is blinking rapidly.  This probably means your gateway needs a firmware update.  Firmware update instructions can be found here.
8 years ago
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Just sending this on in case you didn't get it.  Please ignore if you did. Eric

"Hi Chris, Jeff here! . The network doesn't use a proxy and runs through a sonic wall device . I am able to ping the remote address ( as in setup of your device). I have set the ip address , gateway and subnet mask to suit our network. Any ideas?

8 years ago
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What is teh Status LED state?  Off, on, blinking or??